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CARGO Blu Ray Pressed Powder in #20 And #30 ~ Review, Photos, UPDATED Swatches

I LOVE this powder! Seriously…I cannot rave enough about this product and how it makes my skin look.

How did I hear about it: I think I was just doing a search for oil free pressed powders on Ulta's website and I stumbled across this. I did some research for ingredients and also looked at what some blogger girls thought of it. Cheryl H raved about it and her makeup always looks nice. CLICK HERE to read her review on it. She also used this for her wedding photos and they look flawless. I decided to head over to Ulta and check it out in person (like I said before…this is the usual pattern haha)

I found that they had a kit available so I went to Ulta to swatch the colors to see which one I would buy. I currently own both #20 & #30. #20 is a tad light for me, but I would rather go a little lighter than a little darker when it comes to face powder. This is because my natural skintone is very light and I am at most probably a NC35-37 (if I'm really dark) when I am tan. #30 is perfect when I am very tan. I’m probably a mix of both of the colors since my skintone changes everyday because of the fake bake. I also really like that these powders run yellow. I always go for yellow-based face products as I have a lot of redness in my face.

(left photo is #20 & right photo is #30)

What do I think: I am literally wow'ed by this product. Not only does it make my face look good in every type of light. It photographs extremely well and looks great in person too!! I also feel that when I wear this powder my skin doesn't look shiny. My face looked shine free after being in high 80's for 4 hours. This is also one of those products for me that “completes” my look. No matter how rushed I am or how little time I have to do my makeup, this always does it for me. If I had to pick one thing makeup wise to do (when I have zero time) I would just do mascara, foundation and this powder. My skin looks better and more even, and also gives it that “my skin but better look”. I can truly say I feel like my skin looks flawless (and it’s not!) when I wear this product.

Gripes: The only gripe I have is that the packaging is hard to open. I was literally sitting in my car for a few minutes trying to pry this guy open. I have noticied that it becomes easier to open after using it a lot. However, I thought to myself that a hard to open case VS great product is something I can learn to live with. As far as other gripes, I personally don’t have any. The shades fit my skintone (and preference) extremely well. I should mentioned there are only 4 shades total so very pale/very dark skintones may have trouble matching their color. I would say that #20 would fit NC20-NC30 and #30 would fit NC30-NC40. These are my color recommendations…I would suggest going to Ulta to play around with the colors on your skin. Also, this product does not have SPF (since it’s blu-ray HD) and I like that factor. I hate when my face looks white in photos and this product does not do that! If I am going to be outside I will put on sunscreen underneath this.

Would I recommend: YES! I have found my holy grail face powder…..the search has ended. Check it out!!!

Below are some swatches

(LEFT TO RIGHT) #20 & #20 (taken in natural daylight)
(left to right) #20 & #30 (taken in home lighting)

Have you tried this powder? What is your favorite face powder?

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Great review Carly! Check out my latest Primark haul!


  2. I like to apply this with a small pad for an intense HD matte effect, but sometimes I think it is too intense. What do you apply it with?

    1. Hi Janet! I prefer to use fluffy brushes and my favorite to use with this powder is the real techniques powder brush. It's great!


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