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Cargo BeachBlush in Echo Beach And ColorStick in Key West - Review, Photo, Swatches

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Today's post will be featuring two products from Cargo. Cargo was kind enough to send me four gifted products after reading my rave review on my holy grail face powder Cargo blu_ray Pressed Power. Click HERE to read that review. 

What Cargo sent me: Beachblush in Echo Beach, ColorStick in Key West, Contour Palette in Malibu & Cargo Liquid Foundation. 

Cargo BeachBlush in Echo Beach

What Cargo says:
Imagine the perfect marriage of blush and bronzer!  Four harmonious shades work together to provide perfectly flushed cheeks with a sun-drenched glow. Golden Goddess effects in a flash! Our BeachBlush™ has earned its status as one of CARGO’s most iconic products and even appeared as a question on Jeopardy!  Packaged in our signature tin with generous surface area for easy swirling.
Echo Beach is described as "a warm berry bronzed color medley" 


I had been eyeing these BeachBlushes at Ulta for awhile now, and have seen them on a few beauty blogs too. I love the idea of blush & bronzer "medley" especially because I usually wear both anyway.

  • The color "Echo Beach" is a really pretty berry that does lean more red than pink.
  • This color I think would work all for all skin tones (especially tan skin), however very fair skin would need to use a light hand for application. 
  • The texture of this product is excellent as it is that "buttery" feeling just like my beloved blu_ray pressed power
  • "Echo Beach" blends well too and can easily be built up (as you will see in the swatches)
  • I like the tin packaging. I know this has been (and probably will be) a downside for some. I actually really like the packaging because it's simple and unique. I also like that I can remove the lid too and it is not attached
  • Price is $30 and you can find it at Ulta & Cargo's website. I honestly do think the price tag is a little steep.
  • Cargo offers a ton of color combinations in their BeachBlush line. Here's a link to look at them HERE
  • Would I recommend: Yes, the BeachBlush are a fantastic product that has a lot of pluses. The product itself is high quality so no wonder they are popular sellers for the brand. I probably would go with the shade "Coral Beach" instead of "Echo Beach" because I prefer more peachy blush/bronzers because I do have a lot of redness in my cheeks. "Echo Beach" does not accentuate my red cheeks, but I find I tend to look better in peachy shades. I really suggest heading over to Ulta and playing around with the testers. I know I will be going back to swatch! Thank you Cargo for giving me a chance to try it out!


(left to right) Echo Beach heavy swatch & Echo Beach blended

Cargo ColorStick in Key West

What Cargo says:
An oil-free, cream color stick that blends effortlessly to eyes, cheeks and lips, for a natural, monochromatic look.  The velvety, ultra-light texture blends flawlessly onto the skin for an “airbrushed” finish.  Cheeks appear smooth and flawless.  The cream-to-powder formula sets for an exceptionally longwearing finish and never settles into fine lines.  The dial-up stick makes application a breeze. Available in 5 shades:  Santorini, Key West and Maui give a natural and pretty color to the cheeks, eyes and lips.  

  • I would describe the color "Key West" is a bright baby pink. It does lean more to the cooler toned side but would still work for warm toned girls.
  • I have always liked the concept of stick cream blushes. The application is easy and always less mess (I love my MAC creme blushes but they can be so messy!)
  • This product is easy to blend which is a common trait for stick blushes. As you can see in the  swatches below, the bright color stays true even after being blended out.
  • The texture is very smooth and NOT sticky at all (huge plus!)
  • I really think more mature women would love this product OR anyone will drier skin types as I find this product hydrating. Oil skinned gals can still use this as it's oil free, but will most likely need a powder to set it.
  • I like to use this on top of a bronzer. For example, I will put on my Cargo Medium Bronzer or Benefit Hoolah and then add a few swipes of this on top of it. I usually don't wear pink blushes...especially this pink, but when used in combination with a bronzer it works. 
  • I know a ton of ladies out there love pink blushes. To be honest, I don't really wear shades of pinks on my cheeks often. I will usually use them on others when I do wedding or special event makeup. I think this color will be a great addition for that purpose, as I don't see myself reaching for this particular shade on a daily basis.
  • The tube packaging works and you will twist the product to come out. Make sure to twist slowly as it is a little hard to get the product to go back down (a common problem with twist products like this)
  • Price is $28 and you can find it at Ulta & Cargo's website. I do think the price is a tad high but cream blushes like this usually go for this.
  • Cargo offers a ton of color combinations in their ColorStick line. Here's a link to look at them HERE
  • Would I recommend: Yes. As mentioned above, I would suggest this to mature skin types or those with drier skin. Cream blushes tend to be "sleeper hits" in the blush world and tend to be overshadowed by traditional powder blush. This product is oil free and I know that is hard to find in cream blushes! I really do think a lot of people will really like the color of this product too. 

(left to right) Cargo ColorStick in Key west blended & heavy swatch

 Thank you everyone for reading this review! I made sure to point out different aspects of the product itself so you can get a "well rounded" review. I thank you all again for reading this! The review on the two other Cargo products will be up soon!

Thanks for reading,

Disclaimer: I want to note that although these products were sent to me for free, that will not effect my review of them. As noted in my "About My Blog" page at the top, I do accept PR samples of products, but do not guarantee a positive review OR ever accept monetary compensation. All of my reviews are 100% honest! 


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  2. The blush looks fantastic! Amazing colours! xo

    1. I knew many would like this pink color :)

  3. That's soo great that they would send that to you!
    I love Cargo products! You should try some of their mascara.. they are soo nice!


    1. I have little samples of 2 of them and they work great! I love this brand.

  4. the lipstick looks fantastic! The color is brilliant. love it!

  5. Wow, those colors look beautiful! I think I will be heading to Ulta tomorrow! Lol :)

  6. I love those pink colors !


  7. Those look gorgeous! I've never tested the Beach Blushes before but I love their normal blush so I'll be checking them out! Plus, an oil free cream blush? Uh... yeah! LOL This was a great review! :)


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