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Don't waste your money: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-In-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector

This is my first actual "Don't waste your money post". I don't really like hating on products, but when they are this bad I want to warn others about them. I want to note that just because this didn't work for me, it doesn't mean it won't work for you. These are my personal opinions. 

I bought this product at Ulta...I was teetering back and forth whether or not to actually go ahead a get it. Well, I did and I hate it. Maybe my expectations were high...or I just really wanted to use my Maybelline $1 off coupon but I was very disappointed. It was a waste of money and will be going back to Ulta soon.

Why did I buy it?

The main reason was so I could use something lighter for the rest of summer. I don't like wearing my full face foundation if I will be outside in the heat & humidity. I also got this darker shade so I could match my face & neck. My face fades much faster than my body when it comes to self darker so I like to have a darker shade for that.

Here is what Maybelline CLAIMS it does:

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 8-in-1 Skin Perfector is the 1-step wonder for a good skin day, everyday.

Get 8 skin benefits in 1 simple step:

  • Blurs imperfections
  • Brightens
  • Evens skin-tone
  • Smoothes
  • Hydrates
  • Enhances
  • Protects with SPF 30
  • 0% oils and heavy ingredients 

  • Why don't I like it?
    • Honestly, I felt like it did nothing....no coverage (and I was only hoping for light at most)
    • It felt heavy....almost like I was putting on a sunscreen
    • All of the shades were too pink or orange (I was going to get medium but I got medium/deep because medium was so pink)
    • I don't feel like any of the claims that were made were true...at least on my skin
    • I am not super familiar with Asian bb creams, but from what I read on other beauty blogs it appears that western bb creams are just tinted moisturizers with the name bb cream slapped on it.
    Photos & Swatches

    Here are swatches to show you how the coverage is ZERO. The color is obviously too dark for my skin tone BUT you can tell that in the AFTER photo that even with that notion, it didn't even leave a orange mark (barely!). Very strange to me!


    Would I recommend?

    No way! Save your money and buy a foundation or research other bb creams. This one was terrible!

    Have you tried this? Have you had any luck with drugstore BB Creams?

    Thanks for reading,


    1. Thank You for a great review. I'm go glad i ordered my free samples before making the plunge and purchasing the whole thing :)



      1. Where do you get your free samples from ? I would like to try some products but don't have the money to buy things I hate

    2. Had it, loved it, but returned it. Love turned into hate fast! Great post!

    3. Great review!


    4. Really great review! I had high hopes for it :(

    5. See.. I feel like everyone likes the BB creams at first and then they end up not liking it.. that's why I'm scared to use it!
      Have you liked any other BB creams yet??


    6. I was researching this to see if it would be a good fit for me, but I absolutely had a thick product on my face. And I would probably dislike the shade selection too :D thanks for the review! xoxo

    7. Good review - and I say that because I actually like this product! It's so funny about these "westernized" BB creams, they are just tinted moisturizers and you have to find one that suits your needs. I have tried Estee Lauders BB, Cliniques BB, 2 different L'oreal BB's and the Maybelline was the only one I liked.

    8. Found you via the BLT Blog Hop and am now following!

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    9. Good review. But I have it and I LOVE it. I use it everyday for about a month now. I can't put it down. :)

    10. I tried dr jart bb cream and it was awful and turned me grey. I find that lots of products like that with 3 color options are not yellow enough for me. 2 I love are tartes smooth operator & Laura merciers tinted moisturizer. Do you have any recommendations for non greasy SPF of 30 or higher that's broad spectrum? I am a greaseball in this heat!!

    11. Oooh thanks for this review hun, I was planning on buying this tomorrow!xx

    12. I've been meaning to try out a BB cream for months now and have yet to pick one because there are so many mixed reviews! I think i'll just stick to foundation, summer's basically over now anyway! Great review x

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    13. Thank you for the great and honest review! I have heard and read many negative reviews on this product, and I doubt it would work for me!

      xo, Pareasa
      The F.A.B Journal

    14. New follower :)
      I must admit.. I haven't really had the urge to buy this!! - Thank you for your honest review, its great to see a blogger who can blog about good/bad !

      Hope you will check out my blog, and follow if you like what you see!


    15. Yea this bb cream isn't the best at all! I have mine but only really use it for a sunscreen!


    16. It's awful!! I bought it a few weeks ago and its a completely waste of money!!!

      New follower here :)

      My BLOG: Keep calm and carry on


    17. I just bought this a few days ago. It works for me but only because I use a foundation powder over it. It doesn't have that much coverage but I don't have a lot of blemishes or acne or anything to cover up so that doesn't matter. I found that it did brighten my face and sort of smoothed it a little. To me its more of a primer than a foundation or bb cream. It makes my foundation powder go on more smoothly but as a bb cream I wouldn't rate well either

    18. Great review! I actually was just looking for this the other day because I had seen so many people talking about it. It was sold out everywhere I went so I figured that was a good sign but it's good to know that it didn't do anything. I actually got the L'Oreal Magic BB Cream and I actually really like it. It has beautifying beads added to it and at first it comes out white but when you rub it in it matches your skin tone. Check it out if you haven't already.

      New follower by the way :)


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