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My Night Time Routine: How I take off my face and eye makeup

Hi all, sorry for the lack of posts! I started graduate school this week so everything has been a bit busy. Once I get settled into my new routine I will be posting more (2-3 times a week I am hoping!). Today I wanted to put up a post to show you how I take off my makeup. I want to stress how important it is to remove ALL of your makeup every night! I know sometimes you just feel tired and don't feel like doing it. Every time I have done that I have woken up with an unwelcome & unwanted bump. I always make it a must to take it all off before I head to my comfy bed (I call it my cloud...seriously it's that comfortable!) So please even if you don't do this full routine like I do, make sure to at least use a makeup wipe to do the work for you! :)

Removing: Face Makeup

I wrote a full description of my skincare routine a few posts ago. If you would like to read about what I use (it's pretty much all Kiehl's!) then click HERE.

  • CLEANSER: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser - This is hands down my favorite cleanser. It suds, is oil free, hydrating and doesn't strip my skin AND removes all of my face makeup. If for whatever reason I'm not home or don't have access to my full routine then I will just cleanse my face. 
  • TONER: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free Toner - Toners have been a must for me since learning more about them working at a skincare store. Toners really give me the confidence there is no makeup residue left on my face. I highly recommend toners if you have acne prone skin.
  • MOISTURIZER: Kiehl's Abyssine or Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream - I use the gel cream for the summer months (this is great if you have oily skin also) and a richer cream like Abyssine in the winter when my skin is a lot drier.
  • EYE CREAM: I'll be honest and say I don't use this every single night. I do try to use it a few times a week. Sometimes I will just use my moisturizer under my eyes.
Removing: Eye Makeup

This is almost a "favorite makeup removers" post too! Here is what I like to use...

  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths - These are my favorite makeup wipe, and let me tell you...I have tried a lot. These wipes are hands down the best I have tried. They literally remove all of your eye makeup and with ease. The wipes remove stubborn waterproof makeup but are still gentle. They are probably similar to most makeup wipes, but these do stay damp and I haven't had an issue with them drying out (I'm talking about you MAC wipes!) You can buy them in a small packet like this or a box of them. I have both as I like to bring the smaller pack for travel and to keep in my makeup vanity. I highly recommend these!
  • Almay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads - These are my other go to eye makeup remover. They are a big hit and I love how they are small circular pads so they fit perfectly on your eye. I like to press them on my eye area and let them soak for a few seconds. Here's a tip: Store these upside down! They do a great job of removing your eye makeup. I do need something extra if I am wearing a lot of mascara. Check out the next product for that!
  • Mary Kay Oil Free Makeup Remover - This is also oil free so it's not greasy and does not leave a residue. I really like MAC cleanse off because it literally just wows me how easily it removes makeup, BUT I do get an oily residue and my eyes can get cloudy too. Anyway, this Mary Kay remover really does help get that last bit of mascara off. It's not a product you hear much about it but I will say it works well for me! I started using it because my Mom had it, so thanks Mom!

So that is how I remove all of my makeup from the day! I know it might sound silly, but I really enjoy doing this routine every night. I just feel so clean and refreshed after all my makeup is off. Especially because I know I have a "blank canvas" for tomorrow! :)

What is your night skin & makeup removal routine?

Thanks for reading,


  1. Loved reading this! I've tried the Almay makeup removers before and really liked them! xx
    Beauty by T

    1. Thanks! The Almay pads are great and are my go to to quickly remove my eye makeup all the time :)

  2. Love this post.. I like to see what people are using right before the head to bed and what they use when they wake up! :)


    1. Happy you liked it! I am the same way...I am nosy and love knowing what everyone uses and swears by

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog!
    I enjoyed reading this post! I like posts like these! :)

    Natasha Carly x

  4. I really need to start doing this lol
    so thanks for the idea on where to start!
    I love your blog btw and was wondering if you can take a look at mine!
    xo Kassie



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