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Top 3 brushes for foundation - for light to medium to full coverage!

LEFT TO RIGHT: Sigma F82, MAC 109, Real Techniques Stippling

Hi all, today's post will be about my 3 favorite foundation brushes. All 3 essentially do the same thing (put on my foundation) but the application and finish is different. At times I'm not feeling like wearing a lot of foundation so I do a light application, but sometimes I want that mega full coverage. So instead of relying soley on the foundation, I use one of my 3 fav brushes to get the job done. Some folks may just use their fingers or a sponge to apply and that is fine too! I personally prefer using brushes for a few reasons: gives the most "airbrushed' look, makes the application go a lot faster, more hygienic, and always looks even! 

My top 3 brushes for foundation:

$9.99 @ Ulta (Use that $3.50 off $10 coupon!)

This brush is an awesome drugstore find! Samantha from Pixiwoo on YouTube created her own line of brushes, and let me tell you...they are fantastic! She has a whole range of different eye, face, brows and all that good stuff. I am a huge fan of the stippling brush!
  • This is a dual-fibered brush so that means it will give you that "airbrushed" look
  • I really like the handle shape and how easy this glides on my foundation
  • Easy to wash and shape 
  • The price is affordable (compared to other dual fibered brushes!)
  • This brush will work for your foundation needs. I like to use this for when I want light to medium coverage. Some people may put the foundation right on the brush, but I prefer to dot foundation on my face then swirl and blend. I find I never look cakey this way!
  • This brush works great with a tinted moisturizer too
  • This might sound like an odd thing to mention but I like that you can see when it's dirty. It helps me know when I need to clean it!
  • This would be my pick for someone who is just getting started with foundation and wants a goof proof way to apply. Also, this would be great for someone who wants buildable coverage but does not want full!

Sigma F82 Round Top Synthetic Kabuki
$16 @ Sigma Beauty

This is my go to brush if I want to look flawless & airbrushed. The brush seriously does it all!
  • It blends extremely well and hides every imperfection (works with the foundation for that of course!)
  • Same thing as above, you can see when it needs a wash
  • Super easy to wash (I use ELF's brush wash...only $3!) and stays in shape!
  • I like the round shape so I can get around all the smaller areas of my face
  • The price is affordable and this brush will last a long time.
  • All of my Sigma brushes have been with me for awhile, but haven't experienced any wear & tear
  • This brush is very dense and rounded this is what helps with coverage!
  • This is my favorite brush to use with my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
  • This would be my pick for someone who wants to look flawless, as well as anyone who wants full coverage and needs to cover a lot!
MAC 109 Small Contour Brush

$35 @ MAC (I know I know...I have a PRO card @ MAC so that cuts the price!)

I bought this brush because of Temptalia's review on it. Her makeup always looks great and she is dead on with her reviews. Honestly, if I didn't have a PRO card (you get 40% off) I would have a hard time shelling out $35 for a brush...let's be real here. So that is why I provided you all with a link to Sigma's brush which is almost the exact same thing. 
  • This brush is natural fibers (the other two brushed mentioned are synthetic)
  • It is easy to work with, but I noticed it works better if you put the foundation ON the brush rather than do the dots on the face
  • The downside is that I have experienced some shedding with this brush and it's annoying. It also can dry in an odd shape if not shaped properly while washing. 
  • This is usually my go to brush when my other brushes are dirty (like right now...) because it works well, but isn't the love of my life. I owned this brush before the other two so honestly I just moved on...no bad feelings
  • This would be my pick for someone who wants medium coverage. This brush is nowhere near as dense as the Sigma F82 but it does work well! I would say this is the younger sister of F82 if you will.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Real Techniques Stippling, Sigma F82, MAC 109
Yes, I'm sorry they are used!

So if I had to pick only one to have? I would probably go with F82. Sigma F82 does it all and honestly who doesn't want their foundation to look flawless everytime they wear it? The other brushes are great too. That is why I made sure to write who I would suggest them to AND for what coverage purpose.

Have you tried any of these brushes? What is your go to brush for foundation?

Thanks for reading,


  1. I have that Sigma brush and love it!You're right, it really does give an airbrushed look!
    Beauty by T

    1. Yes!! The main reason why it's such a fantastic brush :)

  2. I love my stippling brush from Sephora. I'll have to try that Sigma brush. I've never used a kabuki for foundation before.

    1. If you like a fuller coverage it is great for that! If you like a lighter coverage for foundation then the stippling is the way I would go :)

  3. I really want to try the stipling brush! Thanks for the post<3

    xoxo Thania

    1. It's a great brush that is affordable!

  4. You have a really lovely blog :) I've been umm-ing and arr-ing about whether to buy a foundation brush like these for a while but couldn't choose between the Real Techniques brushes and the Sigma ones; this review really helped!

    I found your blog through the BlogLove Therapy blog hop & am now following you on GFC.


    1. Thank you! Glad to hear my review was helpful for you. Both lines are great!

  5. This is great! I've been on the fence about Sigma for so long but maybe I'll give them a shot when I get some extra cash :)

    1. Let me know if you get them...make sure to use the 10% off discount they always seem to have going on!

  6. i love different brushes! i would buy them all if i could.
    new follower :) your blog is great.
    laura xx

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by and reading. Thanks for the sweet comments :)

  7. I def need the Sigma F82. I have the RT stippling brush and adore it, but use it for cream blushes mostly:) great post!

    1. You will love the F82! The RT are great brushes and I am really impressed by the quality.

  8. Wow this is a great post! I have always been looking for the perfect foundation brush! I think I'm going to try the Real Techniques brush! Thanks for this!

    Check out my latest blog post for a Beyonce inspired makeup tutorial!! http://theemakeuproom.blogspot.ie/


    1. Thanks! Let me know what you think :)

  9. great review! xx


  10. I have the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which I love, but I'd still like to try one of the Sigma foundation brushes since I need more coverage.. :)

    1. The F82 would be awesome for you!! I'm telling ya...it's perfect :)


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