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Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Detailed Review And Swatches of 5 shades!

Today's post will be about Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. In my opinion, this is one of the best foundations on the market. I love the texture, the coverage and how flawless it makes my skin look! 

What Sephora's website says about Silk Creme:

"This long-wearing foundation evens out skintone as it increases skin luminosity and clarity for a radiant glow. The rich, creamy texture glides over the skin effortlessly for perfect application and blendability. Perfect for rosacea and hard to cover pigmentation. Ideal for all skin types, and oil-free."

  • How I heard about it: I first heard about this foundation a few years ago on YouTube and went out to the department store to check it out. I was color matched and loved how it looked so much that I ended up purchasing it. I have altered between this foundation and a few others throughout the years, but I am always wow'ed by this product every time I use it! I am currently using the shade Bamboo Beige which is a perfect shade for me.

  • Where to buy & price: This foundation is available at department stores, Sephora and Laura Mercier's website. I prefer to buy my bottle at Sephora because you can get reward points and they always have testers (note: I highly recommend getting color matched with foundations if you are unsure what shade you are!). This foundation retails for $43 (used to be $42)...I know I know it's expensive but i'm telling you this is worth it. If I had to pick one makeup item to splurge on, it would for sure be foundation. Your face is your main canvas!
  • How I apply it: My favorite way to apply is to use my Real Techniques Stippling Brush or my Sigma F82 brush (click HERE to read my review on that brush). However, I have used my fingers to apply it and that works too! Out of all of the foundations I own, this is the best one to use your fingers to apply.

My review:

As I mentioned before, this is one of my all time favorite foundations! Here is why...

  • The texture is a very creamy mousse that blends extremely well. So that means not only is this foundation easy to work with, but it also allows the user to achieve their desired coverage. For example, I like to add a little extra coverage on my chin area. 
  • I like the packaging of the bottle. I'm a fan of squeeze tube packaging because it allows me to  control how much product comes out. 
  • The color selection works very well for me! In MAC terms, I am around a NC30  coloring and Bamboo Beige is a perfect match for me. Silk Creme foundation has a very yellow based color system. This works for me because yellow helps cancel my redness and I have always preferred a yellow based foundation. However, if you are a cool skin type make sure to check out other shades then what my swatches are. All of my swatches below are for more warmer/olive skin types because I do not have have any cool/pink undertones. A downside of this color system for others is that the shades do not run darker. Those with a darker complexion will probably not find a shade for them. 
  • This foundation does have a scent to it but it does fade after application. I have been trying to figure out what it reminds me of! This may bother some, but I kind of like the smell and have gotten used to it. 
  • My skin type is normal to dry in the cooler months and combination in the summer. This foundation is awesome for me year round except when it's very hot & humid! This summer was in the 100's a lot and it is very humid in the summer where I live. With that said, this foundation didn't transfer or fade, BUT I did notice my face got shiny faster in the summer. Normally this isn't an issue for me at all with this foundation, so I just used a different product this summer. I wanted to point this out because if you have very oily skin or live in a constant humid climate you may have an issue with this. I would suggest using a primer and setting with powder!
  • A little goes a long way with this foundation! This is awesome for two reasons, 1 because the bottle will last longer (shelf life is 18 months!) and 2 because it will never look cakey.
  • Coverage is excellent! It will literally look like your skin is perfect...no one has to know it's not. Silk Creme has that "your skin but better" look to it. Have acne, redness, scars? No problem for this foundation!
  • Looks good in photos. This foundation does not have SPF so it works well in flash photography. If you do want to wear SPF just wear it under it! I prefer that my foundation does not have SPF because I don't want a white cast for pictures (but of course if the product is great and has SPF I don't mind!)
  • Works well for wedding makeup. I recommended this to a few girls for their wedding and I myself have worn this to weddings/receptions. 
  • This product will work well for younger and mature skin types. I have not experienced breakouts with this product (it is oil free) and because it's texture I believe this would be nice for mature skin as well!

I own Medium Ivory and Bamboo Beige and have Sephora samples for the other colors!

L to R TOP photo:
Cashew Beige neutral beige/ for medium skin tones
Hazelnut Beige medium beige/ medium for yellow and golden skin tones
L to R Bottom photo:
Bamboo Beige warm golden beige for light to medium skin tones
Medium Ivory warm beige/light to medium skin tone
Sand Beige true neutral beige/ for medium to golden skin tones

Would I recommend: YES! This foundation makes my skin look airbrushed! This foundation takes the cake for looking flawless. I have received compliments on how my skin when wearing this too! I love the innovative texture, blendability and color system. It is for sure unique in regards to foundations that I have tried. This foundation gets an A! I definitely recommend heading to the store to get color matched and a sample! I really don't think you will be disappointed. 

I wanted to make sure to include as much detail as possible. I'm surprised there are not a lot more blog posts about this foundation, AND it's hard to find swatches of the shades so I made sure to scoop up some Sephora samples to include more. I hope this review was helpful! 


  1. I've never tried Laura Mercier foundation but have always heard good things about it. Maybe I'll have to try it now..
    BTW I nominated you in my last post! :)

  2. I have wanted this foundation for SO long but I can't justify the price ! Maybe for my birthday :P

    1. I know it's pretty expensive! Lately I have been getting into $$$ foundations and it is not a good habit haha :)

  3. Love your reviews! I'm a fan of her Tinted Moisturizer and Secret Concealer~

    I tagged you for the Liebster Award

  4. Thanks for the review! I had used up a sample from Sephora once and I like it as well so I might get myself a tube once the foundation I'm currently using runs out.

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award so make sure to check out my blog to find out what that entails! I hope you'll be able to participate! -xoxo-


  5. Now I'm intrigued! Everyone seems to be loving this foundation :) I definitely agree with what you said though.. If there's one thing you should invest on, its foundation!

    I'm a new follower! Hope you could follow back!


  6. Which color do you think will work with NW 25 Indian skin tone?


  7. Hi.
    I have heard that this foundation tends to oxidize and turn orange with time. I wanted to order bamboo beige or cashew beige but am not sure which one to order because i don't want it to get too dark. Which one would you recommend?


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