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Givenchy Photo'Perfexion Fluid Foundation SPF 20 PA+++ : Photos & Detailed Review

Today's post will feature a foundation by Givenchy. It is called Photo'Perfexion and is sold exclusivey at Sephora stores. This is a product I never see on youtube or in the blogs...and I probably wouldn't know about it if it wasn't for the Sephora makeup artist. I was purchasing a different foundation and started up a chat with the girl at Sephora about foundations. I told her I am always looking to try out new ones and she mentioned this one. I was curious because I would have never strolled by the Givenchy makeup if it wasn't for this suggestion. I am so glad she passed along this recommendation...

What Givenchy says.."Givenchy Photo'Perfexion Fluid Foundation SPF 20 PA+++ works like a concealer to correct imperfections, smooth the skin's texture, and even out the complexion. With the expertise and speed of a digital retoucher, Photo'Perfexion conceals dark shadows and sallow complexions. It goes on smooth and velvety every time and delivers a flawless finish—minus the heavy, cakey feeling"SOURCE: Sephora

I do want to first point out that this is an expensive foundation. It retails for $48 for .8oz. I don't mind spending my money if I really think a product is worth it. With all beauty products, I always do my research first for reviews, photos & swatches. I didn't buy this product the first time I had it put on me...I wanted to get a sample and take it home for me to test out. I like to "test drive" foundations for a few days before deciding if I will/will not purchase. I have saved so much money & time (ie returns) from doing it this way!

Packaging: Let's first talk about the packaging...the foundation is housed in a nice glass bottle. It is not bulky and doesn't have that "I'm going to drop this and break it easily" feel to it. The bottle has a pump but if you really wanted you could take it off and pour it on your fingers. The pump is controllable and doesn't pump out way too much...a common issue with pumps! This wasn't a decision factor, but I do like the look of the Givenchy logo on the lid. It adds some luxury and beauty to the product. 

Color Selection: I have become really good at matching my own foundation and I typically prefer to always do it myself. However, the makeup artist at Sephora was kind enough to over to do a full face for me. I couldn't say no and let her match me. The color she picked was exactly what I would pick. It was a medium shade with yellow undertones (it does lean a smidge neutral when it dries down). I played with a few other shades but #106 Perfect Pecan was the winner. The color is a perfect match when I have on my sunless tan or when it's faded a few days. All of the shades are broken down in undertones which I think is great! It really does make finding a color so much easier (ie I won't bother to look at the pink undertone ones). There are 10 shades in the entire line and I am the second to darkest so darker skintones may have a hard time finding a shade that works for them. I also want to note that with this foundation make sure you see what the color looks like upon initial application and also after it's dried down. It does get a tad darker...not so much though that it makes a noticale different on your face. As always, I suggest getting color matched or trying out multiple shades to find your best match.

Coverage: The coverage is medium. You could easily sheer it out or do another layer to alter it though. Over the past few years I have preferred a medium foundation because I find they look more natural on my skin. I do have a lot of redness on my cheeks, nose and some discoloration on my chin. This foundation covers up all of those but sometimes I need a little more on my chin area. If you have minor to mild things to cover you will really like this! The foundation blends really well on the skin and is easily to work with and build up. This foundation is also oil free and has an spf of 20. 

Scent & Benefits: This foundation does have a scent and I actually like it. I typically don't like scented face products but this is a scent I actually like. Givenchy describes it as "white flowers" and I find that to be accurate. The scent is floral but not overbearing by any means. This foundation also has skincare benefits (hello $48 price tag). It contains a "skin plumper, firmer and maintains mositure levels". It also says that, "Photo'Perfexion is a foundation that recreates the perfect skin quality obtained with digital touch-ups, but without freezing the features". I completely agree with this claim..see more on this below.

Wear & Photograph: This wears extremely well. This will last a whole work day and more. I find that I don't ever need a touch up and I don't get shiny when I wear this. I do always wear a setting powder over my foundation and also use a makeup setting spray so I'm sure that those two things help with the wear as well. As you might have guessed from the name, this foundation photographs awesome! This is a key factor of Photo'Perfexion because it looks so flawless on my skin when I have my picture taken. I really like that it looks like my own skin and doesn't give me the "ghost white face" like a lot of other foundations do! I make sure to wear this foundation when I know I am going to have my picture taken a lot!

I really recommend giving this foundation a look. I know it's pricey but wouldn't you spend a little more if you knew that it would make your skin look flawless? I know I would! This is one of those luxury beauty items that I truly think is worth it! Please let me know if you end up checking it out!

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  1. Looks like good stuff from your pictures! Your skin tone looks even and it looks like it has a nice finish. Great Review, very informative!

  2. This is my next high end foundation when I have more $ :) I think I told you I already sampled it and Loved it! Right now I'm using Rimmel's 25 hr perfection which I really like, but this Givenchy is next:)

  3. Woww great post! I'm trying to find my special, expensive foundation so it's great to find reviews like this :)x

  4. Looks good!


  5. Wish I could afford that stuff! Pretty much drugstore for me, hehe. Found and following via the hop.

  6. I am seriously going to the Mall this weekend and getting a sample of this! I have to try it after seeing how gorgeous it is on your skin! Well, you do have flawless skin anyways, so anything looks great on you!


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