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MAC Pro Longwear Concealer - Review & Photos of NW25 and NC30

Hi all! Today's post will feature MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. This concealer has quickly become one of my favorite and most used products. I bought this concealer after seeing rave reviews of it on YouTube and other beauty blogs! I am so glad I picked this up...it's awesome!

What MAC says...
"A lightweight fluid concealer that provides medium to full coverage with a comfortable, natural matte finish. Colour-true formula lasts up to 15 hours. Helps conceal and correct the look of under-eye circles, and discolorations. Comes in a clear glass vial with a matte black pump"

This concealer retails for $18 at MAC. I have a Pro Card so I am fortunate to receive a generous discount. Even if I didn't have that discount, I would 100% still purchase this! Pro Longwear Concealer is housed on a small glass jar with a pump. I have to note that the pump on this concealer can be annoying. You have to be gentle on pressing it unless you want a ton of product. In my opinion it dispenses way too much product and it's tough because you can't really control it. I just find that I need to press ever so gently to get a smaller amount out. Since the product inside is so great I am willing to look past this flaw!

Beautysets - 1
This product itself is fantastic! The coverage is excellent and never looks cakey even though it's a thicker consistency. I find it very easy to blend and work with. It does dry down faster than most other foundations/concealer type products but I haven't had an issue with that. I do always wear primer before using an face makeup to help prep my skin for application...it really makes a different!

For NW25 application, I will pump the tiniest amount I can and then light pat on the skin under my eyes. I will then continue to pat until it starts to blend. I will then grab a small synthetic makeup brush to continue to blend it out. For NC30 application, I will pump again a tiny amount and place on my cheeks and nose (where I have a lot of redness!). I will then do the same steps as above. Once this is set I will take my foundation and put it over it. This doesn't have to be an everyday thing, but I really like how it turns out so I do it almost everyday! I find that using this concealer then my favorite foundation gives me that "perfect skin" look...who doesn't want that! For reference, my favorite foundation is Laura Mercier Silk Creme...click here for my review!

I've worn this product as concealer as well as an all over face foundation. It definitely gives you that flawless skin look. It hides imperfections really well (ie acne scars, redness, dark circles, other discoloration). I have been wearing these 2 shades everyday lately and they have become staples in my everyday makeup. I plan to write up an updated everyday face makeup post soon so I can show before and after pictures. I think before & afters really can show the proof on how well something works!

Why do I own two colors?
I currently own 2 different shades in 2 different color families (NW & NC). If you are not familiar with MAC coloring, NW runs more peachy toned and NC runs more yellow toned. I have different shades because I use the NW25 under my eyes and NC30 on my face. NC30 matches my skin perfectly as I have a lot of natural redness and yellow/golden undertones. The strong yellow stones really help cover up my redness on my cheeks. Green concealer will also help cover up redness too! NW25 is peachy so it's perfect for the undereye area. Since dark circles tend to be in the purple to blue tones a peachy shade will color correct (ie opposites on the color wheel). I was using the NC30 under my eyes for awhile but I wanted to try NW25 and that ended up working even better! 

FLASH Left Photo (Top: NW25 & Bottom: NC30)
DAYLIGHT Right Photo (Left: NC30 & Right: NW25)

MAC Pro Longwear has been an awesome find thanks to the online beauty community! If you are in the market for a full coverage concealer or an excellent under eye concealer, I really recommend giving this a look! Remember to stay tuned for an updated an everyday face makeup post soon...both of these will be in that post!

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  1. I wish MAC foundation/concealer worked with my skin! It unfortunately makes me break out. Poop.

  2. I have this in nw20! I like it, it does a pretty good job. I find that for the price I can find something that is cheaper and works better though!

  3. I was debating whether to buy this or not :) I have acne prone skin and i really don't want for pimples...

    I found your blog though Blog Love Therapy Blog Hop :) Now I am following :)



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