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Real Techniques Face Brushes Review

Why do I love these brushes?
These brushes are quickly becoming my favorite face makeup tools to use! They are raved about in the beauty world and justifiably so! They are all extremely soft to the touch and blend makeup like a dream. They also don’t shed at all and I typically wash my face brushes once a week to deep clean them. These have held up well and look brand new once they have dried (love this). I also like that you can really see when the brushes need a bath. It helps me know they are 100% clean and good to go! Real Techniques brushes are also affordable. They range typically around the $8-10 range. In all honesty, they could probably charge more and I still would buy them…they are that good! I also want to make a special note about the handle on these brushes. They all stand up on their own and don’t knock down easily (see photo below). This makes it so convenient when you are doing your makeup and for storing them too! It’s a feature I haven’t seen with to any other brushes I own or on the market…it’s a really nice touch. Next time you are at Ulta give these a look! I highly recommend these to all.

Do brushes really make a difference?
YES! I am a firm believer that the outcome of your look is based on & dependent on the tools that you use. It doesn’t matter how much it costs…it matters the quality! I’m talking no cheap handles, no stiff or rough bristles, and no shedding. Obviously you can get away with using your fingers or a cheap brush every now and then…but honestly I notice a HUGE difference in my makeup application after using my favorite face brushes! Try these below and you can see for yourself…


Expert Face Brush:  $8.99 @ Ulta (left in photo)
"Ultra firm and broad for application and blending of cream or liquid foundation"
This is my newest addition to my Real Technique brush collection. Since I switch up which foundation I use almost daily, I wanted to have an extra foundation brush to use when my others were dirty. This one blends my foundation seamlessly and never leaves streaks. It’s one of those brushes that can help blend out thicker foundations that can go cakey if you use the wrong brush. If you are in the market for a new foundation brush, I would really recommend getting this! This brush will work with all textures of foundation…I have tried it with liquid (L’Oreal True Match, Givenchy Photo’Perfexion) and more creamy (Laura Mericer Silk Crème) and they all apply beautifully. If you are looking for a foundation brush for medium coverage to full coverage then you will really like this! The dense bristles allow for product layering and heavier application if desired.

Stippling Brush: $9.99 @ Ulta (right in photo)
“This dual-fiber brush is the trade secret for creating airbrushed, high-definition results with all types of makeup”

This brush was featured in older post of mine showcasing my favorite foundation brushes. It’s just one of those brushes that really does give you that airbrushed look with minimal effort. The bristles are duo-fibered so they don’t pick up too much foundation. There are ton of duo fibered and stippling brushes on the market, but this has been one of my favorites. It’s worked better than some of the really expensive ones! If you are looking for a foundation brush for light to medium coverage then you will really like this! You can sheer out the foundation or you can do multiple layers…either way works and it never get cakey!

Blush Brush: $8.99 @ Ulta (left in photo)
“Contour and define cheeks for flawlessly blended, high-definition results”
This brush is multi-purpose. Although it is a blush brush, I really like to use it for my loose setting powder. I definitely notice a difference in how the powder applies when using this VS other brushes. This brush seems to buff everything out so much better! As the name suggests, this works great for blush too. This is a really good brush option if you tend to have a heavy hand when applying blush and it looks overdone (or bright colors too)…the bristles prevent you from over applying. I would imagine this could work as a brush for highlighter too! As you can tell, this brush is versatile so it’s nice to have it in my collection.

Powder Brush: $9.99 @ Ulta (right in photo)
Evenly apply powders and mineral foundations for smooth, high-definition results”
This was my first Real Techniques brush purchase. I bought it to use for bronzer but I actually really like using it for my pressed face powder. It’s a large fluffy brush (but not too big) that helps fuse together foundation & powder. This brush is different than others I use for face powder because it doesn’t make my face cakey, never applies too much in one spot on my face (an issue I have with stiff cheap brushes…you probably know exactly what I mean!). I really enjoy using this brush with my Cargo Blu_Ray Pressed Powder. As I mentioned, this can work for bronzer too! This brush is a must for me because I don’t have anything like it. I was worried it would be too bulky but it’s not at all…it’s actually become a must-have beauty product for me. If you wear a full face of makeup then you will really like using this to set your makeup look.

These are just 4 of the Real Technique face brushes that I have in my personal makeup collection. You can find these and others at your local Ulta or online. The price is more than fair and the quality is outstanding…and that’s not a word I use often! These brushes have become staple items in my makeup collection and are used in conjunction with others every single day. If you are looking for new ways to apply face makeup then you have to check these outs as soon as possible! I know you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for reading,


  1. I want these brushes so much! Definitely going on my Christmas wish list :) xx


  2. I feel like out of no where this brand jumps out. But I keep hearing great things about it. Even you have a complaint or two and they're not even bad! I seriously need to save my money and get these!

  3. I keep hearing about these brushes.. but I just bought a set from Sigma.. maybe I'll buy one just to see how I like it!


  4. love these brushes!! the expert face brush is my favorite for applying moisturizer and primer!

  5. I've been thinking about buying the Expert Face & Blush brushes recently. I think I'm going for it.

  6. Wow these are so highly talked about, I really do need to try them out:)

  7. Hi Carly! I absolutely agree-quality brushes make all the difference!
    These look like some great ones. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.
    I posted my first Celebrity Stylist Guest post today, Anya Sarre, it was such a blast.
    Take a peek if you get a chance.
    Cheers, Heather

  8. I am in love with my Real Techniques brushes :D my favourite is the expert face brush!

  9. Hello! I found your blog on the Meet Me on the BrightSide blog hop. I am your newest follower. I hope you'll follow back! Looking forward to reading your posts to come :)


  10. The right brush can make all of the difference! I'm following you now, and here visiting from the hop.

  11. I have all 3 collections and really want to get the single brushes now..they are amazing!

  12. I love, love, love Real Techniques brushes. I have two and definitely want more! Found your blog and now following from the Bright Side Blog hop. Check out my blog and follow back if you get a chance :)


  13. I really need a contour brush lol


  14. These Blushes look so fluffy and nice *-*
    I love the blush brush - second from left. I wanna have one like this too!

  15. These are going on my Christmas list! Have you ever tried Sigma brushes? If you have, are these comparable or better in your opinion?

  16. Great brush collection, i really need a new set and tehse look great :)


  17. wow great post! I really need to try these brushes out! :P xx

  18. These brushes are great, I have the blush one and also use it for my loose foundation powder. I am relatively new to blush so its great that the brush makes it difficult for me to go OTT :)

    Found you via the bloglove bloghop :)

  19. Hi I love these brushes too, I use to work with Sam in mac, many years ago, she has designed fab brushes they really do not shed, the foundation brushes are especially amazing. So many good quality brushes shed like crazy. I can't believe how cheap they are in the us. typical irelan.
    Great post.


    Nicki fannings blogspot

  20. great post! My favorite makeup brushes at the moment would have to be SPAresource, but I definitely need to try these soon!

    New Follower, Follow Back?


  21. I've only tried the stippling brush up to now and I love it!
    Can't wait to try others!
    Great post, you have a lovely blog.
    I'm following you.

    Natasha Carly x

  22. I bought a bunch of Real Techniques brushes recently and it was a brilliant decision, I got the the core collection and the startter set and i cant see me looking back!

    found you on the bright side beauty hop - now following! :)

  23. I have these and LOVE them! My favorite is the stippling brush. I use it daily to apply my foundation.

  24. I need to get these brushes, especially now since I just read your review.


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