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Hi, I'm Carly! I decided to create this blog as an "healthy outlet" to share my love for cosmetics and all things beauty with those who share the same passion. I love reading what other woman like to use, as well as seeing their opinions on certain products. Just so you know, I'm an "equal opportunity" beauty lover, so you'll see a mixture of drugstore and high end products!

I am a certified makeup artist and hold a certificate from a makeup artistry school. Likewise, I do freelance work for weddings and special events. Here's my online portfolio if you wanted to see some of my work, or become a fan on facebook!


  1. So proud of your blog! I like reading it even though I'm really lazy and cheap with my makeup process. I saw someone commented from Germany. How cool is that!

  2. Thanks for reviewing XEN-TAN's Face Tanner. We just saw the post on it and we love that you love the product and that you give so much in dept information. Best of luck with your blog. We love makeup and all things beauty at XEN-TAN too so it's fun to see someone really helping out others and learning about new products too. We NEVER get tired of learning about new products and the best way to learn about them is from other women who have tried them.

    Dera Enochson
    CEO/ Founder XEN-TAN

  3. Completely adore your blog and reading all your posts :) xx

  4. just found ur blog and i adore it!!! i love fashion but always need help with makeup so this will be my go to makeup blog!!!


Thank you for stopping by my blog! I truly appreciate you taking the time out to read my thoughts on all things beauty! If you have additional questions or comments feel free to contact me at Carly@purple-shampoo.com

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